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Wolftech Studio is an expert in E-commerce development services for building beautiful websites. We unlock the potential of e-commerce platforms as a prominent E-commerce web development business to provide you with rich, exclusive and reliable e-commerce websites.

Our expert team of highly qualified web designers create customer focused websites, so your website can generate more sales.

Responsive Design

Over 50 percent of web users search from their phones. If your website lacks a responsive design, it won’t display well on phones. With our responsive web design, you get a sleek design that looks good on all devices, so you can maximize conversions.


If your visitors can’t quickly and easily navigate your app, they’ll leave. The sleek, intuitive user interface guides your audience through your app, making conversion easier and leading to a great user experience. We create modern, professional UI solutions that guarantee a good user experience.


The great design of the website attracts the attention of your consumers, but the words on it are what really makes a sale. The content of the site should be well researched, carefully considered and constantly improved

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What is e E-commerce website design?

Ecommerce web design is all about the layout and presentation of the various features present within the online platform for sales, customer feedback, tracking and more. The element of web design is what differentiates different e-commerce platforms from one another in terms of aesthetics and visual appeal. Without a unique and sophisticated e-commerce web design, customer retention is almost impossible.

How much does it cost to build a shopify website?

A typical Shopify website with average functionality costs around $3000 to $6000 to build. The inclusions in the package are: Website Hosting (up to 1 year), Professionally written content, A five-field contact form, eCommerce website design accommodating 30 products.

As an estimate, a full-fledged eCommerce Shopify website with a stellar design and outstanding features costs you somewhere between $7000 to $12000. Such a package will include: Website Hosting, Product Catalog, Email Marketing, Payment Gateways (Custom), Advanced Products Filter, Abandoned Cart Feature, Emails and Invoices, Professionally Written Content.

Which e-commerce platform do we use?

We mainly use Shopify, because it is easiest for the client to monitor their statistics and respond to orders through the Shopify platform. If you don’t know how to track your stats on Shopify, we’ll be happy to explain how to do it.

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