Some of our successful projects

Night School Studio

About project

Night School Studio is a small studio for the development of indie games. For this project we created a simple but very attractive website so that they could present their work online.

Client: Night School Studio

Category: Web design

Start date: 14 Aug 2021

Finish date: 7 Sep 2021


About project

Eyebuydirect is an e-commerce store selling glasses. For this project, we built an e-commerce website, which now counts thousands of satisfied customers. With our help, Eyebuydirect is now a very successful online store.

Client: Calvert Studios

Category: e-commerce

Start date: 2 Jan 2022

Finish date: 25 Jan 2022

Calvert Studios

About project

Calvert Studios is a photography agency for commercial and industrial photography. For this project, we created a beautiful website so they could showcase their great work online and thus increase the number of clients.

Client: Calvert Studios

Category: Web design

Start date: 10 Jun 2022

Finish date: 30 Jun 2022

BiTrezor Wallet

About project

Bittrezor is a secure wallet for your cryptocurrencies. We developed the Bitrezor app as well as the website, we created the entire identity of the Bitrezor brand. The project was successfully completed and the client was satisfied.

Client: BiTrezor 

Category: Web design, App development

Start date: 12 Mar 2022

Finish date: 30 Apr 2022

Leskaroski Real Estate & Consulting

About project

Leskatorski is an agency that advises on real estate investment. For this project we created a website as well as a brand identity. By creating a website for the Leskatorski agency, we managed to double the number of their clients.

Client: Leskatorski

Category: Web Design

Start date: 11 Nov 2021

Finish date: 29 Dec 2021

Amstel House Hostel

About project

Amstel House is the best budget hostel in Berlin. We created a website and blog for Amstel House and thus significantly increased the number of their clients.

Client: Amstel House

Category: Web Design

Start date: 15 Sep 2021

Finish date: 9 Oct 2021

Pro Game Beverages

About project

Pro game is a natural energy drink specially designed for gamers. We created a website as well as a brand identity for the Pro Game and thus enabled this startup to break into the market

Client: ProGame

Category: Web Design

Start date: 2 May 2022

Finish date: 7 Jun 2022


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